March 4, 2017

Church Construction Project

Beginning in January 2016, with the use of several types of cameras, TenThirty.One documented the progress of a 2-phase construction project at Loch Raven Presbyterian Church in Parkville, Maryland. Phase 1 included a lift (“elevator”) retrofit in the existing church building. Phase 2 included the construction of an 8,521sq. ft. addition to the existing church building.

Donating over 130 hours of professional services, TenThirty.One produced and shared over 30 videos related to the construction project. TenThirty.One handled all media creation and sharing across the church’s online presence (website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp — also created & maintained by TenThirty.One) The benefit to the church was an increased awareness and “excitement” (read: buy-in) surrounding the building project with the target consumer being current members, past members, members friends/family, and the surrounding community.

As a Capital Campaign was already underway, the videos allowed the project’s donors to witness the progress of the construction of the building that their money was funding – and hopefully increase their vision for the outreach and fellowship opportunities that the building could provide in the future.

A recap video, set to music, collected from 17 milestone aerial videos created between May 2016 and March 2017.

Church Construction Project

The entire 2-phase project is comprised of 33 videos which can be found within this YouTube Playlist

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