Disabling Toll Free Dial In Numbers in Microsoft Audio Conferencing

By DEFAULT, if you have a Toll-Free Dial In number available on your Tenant, all users enabled for Microsoft’s Audio Conferencing will be allowed to use that Toll-Free Dial-in number: the number will be included in their Outlook Meeting Invites for use in Skype for Business and Teams. You can manually remove the Dial-In number from a users Audio Conferencing account in the GUI — but, that’s time consuming with all the clicks and searching.

It should be possible to remove the setting for ALL users at once. If not in the GUI, at least in PowerShell, right?


Here’s the command to remove Toll Free numbers from meeting invites (not entirely what I wanted to do, but get’s me part of the way there)

Set-CsOnlineDialInConferencingTenantSettings -IncludeTollFreeNumberInMeetingInvites $false

“You are not permitted to invoke parameters”

I found a reference online to a similar issue; albeit with a different command.

Microsoft Support went back and forth with me.

They showed me how to “Disable” the Toll-free number “which would then remove the Toll-free number from the Meeting Invites”.

That’s not what I want! I want the number on the Tenant; so that MAYBE I can assign it to a user if they really needed it.

So, back and forth.

Yep, you can’t do it yourself. There are several PowerShell commands for Audio Conferencing that cannot be run by the Tenant Admin/Customer — Microsoft Support may run the commands on their back-end if you provide business justification for it.

Ultimately, because I only had a few users to disable, I did it by hand (via PowerShell)

Set-CsOnlineDialInConferencingUser user@domain.com -AllowTollFreeDialIn $false


Here’s the full list of commands (from opening a PowerShell session (always run as Administrator) to the command itself))

Import-Module SkypeOnlineConnector

$userCredential = Get-Credential

$sfbSession = New-CsOnlineSession -Credential $userCredential

Import-PSSession $sfbSession

This gets the Tenant Settings for Conferencing

Identity : Global
AllowedDialOutExternalDomains : {}
EnableEntryExitNotifications : True
EntryExitAnnouncementsType : UseNames
EnableNameRecording : True
IncludeTollFreeNumberInMeetingInvites : True
PinLength : 5
AllowPSTNOnlyMeetingsByDefault : False
AutomaticallySendEmailsToUsers : True
SendEmailFromOverride : False
SendEmailFromAddress :
SendEmailFromDisplayName :
AutomaticallyReplaceAcpProvider : False
UseUniqueConferenceIds : True
AutomaticallyMigrateUserMeetings : True
MigrateServiceNumbersOnCrossForestMove : False
EnableDialOutJoinConfirmation : True
AllowFederatedUsersToDialOutToSelf : Yes
AllowFederatedUsersToDialOutToThirdParty : RequireSameEnterpriseUser

This returns all the user settings for Conferencing

This sets the Toll Free Dial-In to “False” for the user specified (Microsoft documentation)
Set-CsOnlineDialInConferencingUser user@domain.com -AllowTollFreeDialIn $false

The “TollFreeServiceNumber” will be empty
The “AllowTollFreeDialIn” will be “False”

It will look like this:

TollFreeServiceNumber :
AllowTollFreeDialIn : False

1 thought on “Disabling Toll Free Dial In Numbers in Microsoft Audio Conferencing

  • Hi, we are using Teams, but we still needed to use the Skype for Business PowerShell to update these settings. Your post helped to get us this task done.

    I was able to script the change 2 ways to modify users in bulk.

    One using a text file, one UPN per line for the users we wanted to disable the tollfree option for, the command looks like this:
    get-content e:\removetollfree.txt | foreach {$info = $_;Set-CsOnlineDialInConferencingUser $info -AllowTollFreeDialIn $false}

    Or similarly, from AD if you wanted to disable Toll free option for all users in the users OU.
    get-aduser -Filter * -searchbase “CN=users,DC=example,DC=com” | select -ExpandProperty UserPrincipalName | foreach {$info = $_; Set-CsOnlineDialInConferencingUser $info -AllowTollFreeDialIn $false}

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