December 9, 2016

About Us

I like this guy. He asks great questions!” I want to anticipate your problems AND SOLVE THEM. You’re already doing great things. I want to support you on that journey. Presently, as the Information Technology Manager at a busy software development company, I ensure that our 125+ team members have functional technology and software to serve our customers well. When I’m not supporting the Protech business, I enjoy walking the Canton waterfront with my wife and daughters, aerial videography, detailing cars, maintaining a lush green lawn, and catching up with my favorite boat, construction, entrepreneurship, and home improvement YouTubers. I speak technical, risk management, creative, business, and marketing — which I’ve been told is a rare quality. I’m grateful for the ability to live in that tension and I believe it makes me a unique asset to the organization. I pride myself in being a clear communicator – especially in writing – as well as anticipating questions before they are asked. This comes from experience and critical thinking. I’m always watching out for our best interests; beyond just the role of IT…. because in business, anything can affect everything.