Request for Provia to review Spectrum Storm Door Installation

The intention in contacting Provia has been to  simply to get the designers input on how the door they designed and built SHOULD be installed on a house as I have concerns about my installation.

  1. Latch and deadbolt don’t seem to make significant contact w/ striker and stop strip. In this configuration, the latch does make slight contact w. the stop strip as door closes.
  2. Door only contacts stop strip 1/2 width of stop strip
  3. There’s a significant gap between latch-side expander and door jam viewed from outside
  4. Handleset straddles seem between expander and door slab
  5. Hinges rub against aluminium door jam material (should hinges make contact w/ the door jam?)
    1. Applying some lithium spray grease reduced the metal on metal noise.
  6. Latch Side Expander installed backwards. Longer flange side should be to the outside of the door per instructions
    1. I am concerned that if this is corrected, without any other adjustment, the door would make even less contact with the latch-side stop strip?
  7. Bottom Expander (w/ silver piece) installed between hinge/latch side expanders rather than full-width of door and “field notched”
  8. Latch-side expander overlaps door slab 1″. Instructions say 1/2″
  9. Wind chain makes contact with top stop strip
  10. I like the ease/speed of how the door currently opens and closes. However, I want to add a 2nd Heavy Duty closer to the bottom of the door – so that we can prop the closer open with a tap of the foot. Can I have that added without affecting the smooth and correct speed closing of the door?