Microsoft Office Update KB4011039 Breaks Exported Word Documents

After installing KB4011039 (Released on September 5), users are experiencing broken tables when exporting a Report/Invoice from CRM to Word. There are missing columns and rows — and thus significant data missing. This renders the ability to Print Invoices from Word null – granted, a potentially narrow use-case.

Microsoft is now aware of the Bug.

From the Case I reported with Microsoft:

Based on our last communication, it appears that this issue has been reported as a BUG with the Word 2016 MSI with latest updates and the case is ready to be closed. I will close this case at the close of business day on 12th September,2017. As this is an ongoing issue with KB4011039 and currently we don’t have any ETA as of now. However, this has been already highlighted to the product group and they are working on it. I will keep you posted as soon as I have any update on the same
Uninstalled below KB from Installed update and restarted the machine.

Microsoft Forum thread on the subject “Buggy Word 2016 non-security patch KB 4011039 can’t handle merged cells”

If this all sounds familiar, you might recall last month’s Word and Outlook 2016 buggy patch KB3213656. That patch also introduced bugs in tables with merged cells. Microsoft never fixed the problem, to the best of my knowledge, and now it’s come back to haunt everybody.


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