Increase Export to Excel Limit

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there are often times when users want to be able to export tens of thousands of records from CRM to Excel. By default, CRM is configured to limit that export size to 10,000 records. Increasing that limit may impact performance of your system. Proceed with caution!

There are 2 ways to do it

Manually browse to the Row to modify

Database_MSCRM > Tables > dbo.OrganizationBase > MaxRecordsForExportToExcel

Change from 10,000 (or whatever is currently set) to whatever value you’d like. Then hit Enter, in order to commit the change.

Or, semi-manually do it with a query in SQL

select MaxRecordsForExportToExcel, * from OrganizationBase

update OrganizationBase set MaxRecordsForExportToExcel=50000 (replace 50000 with whatever record number you’d like)


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